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Testosterone Propionate is a very important hormone in muscle development. Increases bone density and shows mass on the body. It has high androgenic effect, it can achieve very fast muscle development, strength increase and sexual desire.
Testosterone has a faster effect than Enanthate and holds less water than Enanthate. Since it is short ester, the body is deleted in a very short time.
If you are looking for a fast-acting steroid in a short time, your choice should be Testosterone Propionate.

All testosterone derivatives can be aromatized, testosterone propionate is the testosterone derivative with the least risk of aromatization.

Usage: It is short ester injected every 2-3 days and the average dose is 100mg-300 mg.

Combined: Primobolan can be combined with Stanozolol to gain strength, increase muscle growth and make an agile body.

It combines well with winstrol-trenbolone acetate or winstrol-masteron for determination.


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