Olimp L-carnitine 3000 Shot 20 Ampoules Cherry 12 bottles


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What is Olimp L-Carnitine 3000? Olimp L-Carnitine 3000 is a liquid Carnitine product. Olimp, one of the rising brands of Europe, helps to meet the supplement needs of the athletes with the quality products it has developed in terms of content. L-Carnitine can help convert the foods we have previously consumed into energy during sports. It can help transport the fatty acids in the cell to the mitochondria and convert them into energy. The remarkable features of Olimp L-Carnitine 3000: – Each ampoule of Olimp L-Carnitine 3000 contains 3000mg of Carnitine. People under 90kg can easily use half an ampoule – Olimp L-Carnitine 3000 can have a faster absorption rate than other carnitine products because it contains carnitine in liquid form – Olimp L-Carnitine 3000 additionally contains vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 can help athletes for protein synthesis – When using half ampoule of Olimp L-Carnitine 3000, each box contains 40 servings


Number of Services 20
Serving Quantity 1 ampoule (25 ml)
Fat 0.04
gL-Carnitine 3000 mg
Carbs 1.7
g-Vitamin B62.8 mg


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